Monday, February 25, 2008

And so0 it begins....

2008 Clubfr Drift Season Schedule

Here is the schedule as of now, some dates are subject to change, most specifically the first April 5th date (once it is confirmed registration will be up).

April 5 - USAIR *MWC*

May 17 - Milwaukee Mile *MWC*
May 31 - RA

June 15 - USAIR

July 13 - Milwaukee Mile
July 26 - Gateway *MWC*

August 3 - RA *MWC*
August 17 - USAIR

September 13 - Milwaukee Mile *MWC*

October 5 - USAIR *MWC*


So now I have a goal to get my car done. Definitely going to try the best I can to get my car prepped and ready for April 5th.!! Excited yes!.. Hella YES!.. And I expect all the little Devils to be Rock'd Drop'd and Ready to hit it hard!!

Now all I need is this damn Chicago weather to to F'in clear up!! With my new set-up I need to learn and understand my car all over again. I literally have replace'd everything, from my horsepower output down to suspension, alignment and wheels. I feel if I understand my car better, I'll have a better chance of improvement during the events, because I'll be focusing on my technique rathar than overall "driving." I know this will be an ongoing process.

Winter Winter go away,
Snow Dori is getting gay.
I rather Dori on Paved ground
And Spin around,
Than Dori on a Snowy Day.

Option Vol 163. Watch if your bored =) Kuroi Hits at FULL LOCK.... awesome shit...

Sunday, February 24, 2008


So0o.. I hate to say it.. but it is official I have a new addiction.. I realized I was addicted when I had to pull over at a gas station just because my craving was too great. I blame my job and downtown Chicago. Yes Ladies and Gents I am addicted to Diet Coke. Something about that taste that I just love right now. The thing is I don't even like Pop! But after so many meetings with the only option of either, coke, diet coke or sprite oh and coffee, I just got a customed to Diet Coke. It definitly made me think what other addictions do I have? What things do I need or need to do before I could call a day, my day.

My Dunks Came in!! Thank you again Mel and Vinnie.. I love them! Still deciding if I should even wear them. Most likely I will after all they are meant to be worn, but I think ill wait for nicer weather. =)

And what makes them so0o0o0 special.. my nickname ~ "Monster"

So finally Got Cynthia back today... all i gotta say is...3rd gear... Wh0a! I have yet to open up the throttle completely yet, but the Gt3071r definitly disguishes itself from my previous set-up. 2008 will be awesome, we're finally bringing to the table what we sought after for so0 many years. Despite the set backs most of us endured, I can honestly say.. it was worth it..

"Its Our Time Now" :)

*side note*

This Entry is Dedicated to MELaria.. B/c I made this post so you can finally read something when your at work :)

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Something New

Well Since I've never done Myspace and/or Facebook, I figure ill do something other than xanga. (

It was my Birthday a couple days ago.. (Feb 7th) I'm a chill guy so I just layed low and had a small dinner with some friends and family. I must admit this year is great just because I had some real small but thoughtful gifts, My Friends Mel and Vinnie Design'd me my own personal DUNKS! with my Nickname stich'd on it "Monster," Plus Rayna gave me the most awesome'ness Cake ever.. Ladies and Gents! THE TOUGE CAKE...

<~ The Dunks

This has year def. started off interesting, but non the less I am still very optimistic about it. After all this is my year. Cynthia, has been getting on her way, I decided to upgrade my turbo, after a whopping 2000miles of breaking it in. To be honest I really didnt have to upgrade it, but I was given miss informed information, so what ever, not worth crying over spilled milk. Cant complain with a new bigger turbo anyways . But of course with the new turbo I had to upgrade my Injectors, Re-Tune and Fab a new intake and hotpipe.. Gayed... Everything else is installed though, all I need now is paint, and install wheels. Can't wait till the weather clears up so I can break it all in.
Heres some Teaser Progress Pix

And some Teaser Wheel Pix

Immamura Throwing Down!! Cant wait to get behind and practice! 0=)